NHBR: New hope for economic growth in the new year
As originally appearing in New Hampshire Business Review

Our communities and economy are relying on Congress to act

By James T. Brett

With the Biden administration and the 117th Congress now underway, there is much hope for a new era of unity, both in Washington and across the nation.

Our country has faced unprecedented challenges over the past year. We have grappled with a devastating public health crisis and a resulting economic crisis. We have encountered political turmoil. And we have awakened an overdue call for social change. The new administration and Congress must tackle a number of challenges and will surely be focused on advancing policies that support recovery and economic growth.

The New England Council believes there are several key issues where federal action could reap tremendous benefits for New England:

  • Additional Covid relief: The relief packages Congress passed last year have provided critical support to our nation, our economy and our communities as we continue on the path to recovery. There is no question, though, that additional relief is needed, including additional unemployment assistance, stimulus payments for struggling Americans, state and local aid, or support for the businesses most severely affected by the pandemic. Fortunately, President Biden has already put forth a relief package and has indicated that an additional economic stimulus package is forthcoming. We urge Congress to take quick action on the president’s relief plan.
  • Infrastructure: We all know far too well that our region’s transportation infrastructure is in need of modernization. But the pandemic has also exposed — and in some cases exacerbated — other vulnerabilities, ranging from disparities in broadband access to outdated school buildings with inadequate ventilation. At the same time, we know that infrastructure investment will create new jobs, which is all the more important as so many have found themselves unemployed over the past year. Leaders on both sides of the aisle have historically supported investment in infrastructure but have struggled to find common ground on the specifics. It is expected that the Biden administration will soon put forth a proposal, and the council is hopeful that our leaders in Congress will come together to make much-needed investments in our nation’s infrastructure.
  • Clean energy: President Biden has made clear that combating climate change will be a top priority. The new president’s team will undoubtedly enhance our nation’s environmental regulations while also promoting greater investment in renewable energy. The New England region — home of the nation’s first offshore wind farm, with several others in development — is already a leader in the renewable energy industry. We look forward to new federal policies that will encourage continued growth in this sector which will not only support climate change goals, but also create jobs and spur economic expansion.

The good news for New England? Our region is incredibly well represented on Capitol Hill as the New England delegation continues to gain more and more clout in Congress. Of course, with narrow margins in both the House and the Senate, bipartisan collaboration will be vital to advance these important policies. I am confident that our leaders in Washington will find a way to bridge the divide and resolve their differences through respectful debate and compromise. Our economy, our communities and the fabric of our nation rely on it.

James T. Brett is president and CEO of The New England Council, a regional alliance of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and health and educational institutions.

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