WSJ: Donald Trump: I Want a Piece of Keystone XL Profits
As originally appearing in The Wall Street Journal


MANCHESTER, N.H.—Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday called for a 25% or greater tax on profits from the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the U.S.

The morning after the fourth Republican primary debate, which focused on tax and economic policy, the celebrity developer told a Manchester, N.H., audience, “I want a piece of the profits. Let’s make a good deal.”

He didn’t specify if he sought future profits from the Keystone XL pipeline itself, proposed by TransCanada Corp.TRP.T +0.31%, or revenues from the oil it would transport, which would go to companies that have contracted with Transcanada to move the oil.

President Barack Obama rejected the permit for the pipeline last week. If Mr. Trump is elected president and wants to approve it, TransCanada would have to reapply for a new permit with the U.S. government, according to the State Department that reviews these types of permits.

A spokesman for TransCanada said the company transports the oil much like a trucking company.

In rejected the pipeline, Mr. Obama said it would not have lowered gas prices, improved energy security, or made a meaningful long-term contribution to the economy. Republican presidential candidates condemned the decision.

Mr. Trump said he supported the new pipeline, and said it showed why eminent domain was a necessary tool for developers to acquire property to build roads, sewers and other infrastructure projects. The businessman has benefited from governments’ use of eminent domain in his development projects.

Mr. Trump said he had been unfairly attacked by conservatives—particularly the pro-business Club for Growth—for his support of eminent domain. Critics say that eminent domains infringes on the private rights of land holders.

“These people are the worst. I tell you, you meet some bad people in politics,” Mr. Trump said about the Club for Growth.

A Club for Growth spokesman on Wednesday criticized Mr. Trump and his “repeated attempts to pass himself off as an economic conservative, despite his advocacy of higher taxes, government-run health care, abuse of eminent domain, and economically dangerous positions on trade.”

Fresh off Tuesday evening’s fourth GOP debate, Mr. Trump addressed voters at “Politics and Eggs” Wednesday morning, a political series held by St. Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics that is a frequent campaign stop for presidential candidates.

The fourth debate was co-hosted by Fox Business Network  and The Wall Street Journal. Democrats will debate on CBS Saturday night, while Republicans will next spar in December.

Amy Harder contributed reporting to this article.

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