NECN: Ron Paul in New Hampshire
As originally appearing in New England Cable News


(NECN:  Lauren Collins – Manchester, NH) Ron Paul takes a long time to make a point, and gives a thorough history lesson along the way.  That’s what some people like about him.

“I really appreciated both his depth of knowledge and his intellectual honesty,” says Ed Moran of Bedford, NH.

Paul’s exhaustive arguments to scrap the fed and scale back an over extended foreign policy largely boil down to this, “As president I don’t plan to manage the economy.  What I plan to do is turn the economy back to you,” he told a crowd at St. Anslem College’s Institute of Politics Friday.

The libertarian minded candidate polls well in New Hampshire.  His campaign took in more than five million dollars in third quarter – a comparatively paltry amount in big money politics but enough for the Texas congressman to stay in the game.

“If you need a billion dollars to compete with a billion dollars this country is in big trouble,” he told reporters.

Paul says every dollar raised is worth ten in energy and ground support and he thinks there’s room for someone else to get in the race.  Someone like a Chris Christie who he believes would only dilute the establishment vote.

In theoretical head to head matchups released Friday, the speculative candidate Christie is the only republican other than Mitt Romney to statistically tie the president.  Paul falls ten points behind Obama, along with most of the GOP pack.

Paul is mostly concerned with what the voters in early states like New Hampshire think – though some here at the institute of politics worry about his laissez faire economic approach

“What do with elderly people who have no relatives, have no money, fixed incomes,” asks Bob Denz of Sutton, NH.

While Paul says Americans would be better off without many “bleeding heart programs”, he’d protect social security and child health care.

“And that’s why I talk so much about cutting hundreds of billions of dollars overseas and taking care of the people we’ve made these promises to.”

Paul returns to New Hampshire Monday for a pair of town hall meetings.

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