NECN: New Hampshire Gets to Know Ben Carson
As originally appearing in NECN


Renown retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson may not be a household name, but New Hampshire voters are curious to know more about the Republican Presidential candidate- the only African American in the race, who is not afraid to speak his mind – even when it’s controversial.

Carson rails against political correctness.

He defends Donald Trumps latest comments on immigration, though concedes they were “a little inflammatory” and he admits he has toned down his own rhetoric.

Carson has definite ideas about entitlement programs, like social security.

“What I would propose is that we allow people to opt out of receiving their social security payment in lieu of a tax credit,” Carson said.

And how he would revamp the tax code:

“I get my ideal from the Bible I will admit. Seems like God is a very fair person and he asked for tithe.. You make $10 billion, you pay one billion.

Brad Cook is a Republican checking out all 16 of the party’s candidates. He says, “I know he’s a christian, I know he’s a conservative…”

But when I ask if New Hampshire Republicans open to a strong Christian Conservative, he says, “No… Because it’s not a particularly religious place.”

Carson responds: “I’m not a religious conservative. That’s what people want to characterize me as. What I am is a person who is very logical.”

“He’s certainly unique. He has a different set of skills, a different background that I think could be very attractive to people that are kind of tired of politics as usual,” Andy Smith of the UNH Survey said.

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