Donald Trump packs the house at Politics and Eggs forum
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Billionaire developer and TV star Donald Trump may never run for anything, but he showed a record crowd at a Politics and Eggs forum that he’s not short on opinions.

Trump said Barack Obama has been the most “Teflon” president in history but predicts that the Affordable Care Act will be his party’s downfall this November.

The national GOP can succeed because the tea party will become more lenient and the party’s establishment will become more conservative, Trump predicted.

It will be a year before New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knows whether “Bridge-gate” will prove to be his Waterloo or just a political bump in the road.

“He has fired four or five people. What are they going to say? What is going to be in their emails?” Trump asked.

“It is a very scary situation for Chris, and we will see how he handles it.”

And while Mitt Romney would have been a good president, Trump still wonders how the GOP ticket blew an election in the last month it should have won in 2012.

“Either through advice, or maybe he got a little nervous, or maybe you do a little choking – something happened, and it wasn’t good,” Trump said.

“That was a race that could have been won. It was a race that should have been won.”

Trump said it’s way too early to know who will emerge to succeed Obama, noting that seven years ago, it looked like Hillary Clinton was on her way to the Oval Office.

“I have a feeling it is going to be somebody no one is thinking about,” Trump said.

Even who should win the Super Bowl has strong Trump feelings now that his favorite player, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, lost Sunday in the AFC championship to the Denver Broncos and its famous signal-caller.

“I also know Peyton Manning, and he truly is a great quarterback,” Trump said. “He deserves more than one Super Bowl victory.”

The largest crowd in the history of the Politics and Eggs forum turned out to see Trump, moving the event from the New Hampshire Institute of Politics to Davison Hall on the Saint Anselm College campus.

During a 25-minute speech without notes and a round of questions, Trump didn’t address his own presidential aspirations for 2016 or a race for governor of New York, about which Trump has done little to dampen speculation.

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said Trump could do more for his party and himself if he took on Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Empire State.

“He would really have a high profile and really contribute to the national dialogue from that position,” said Gatsas, a former state Senate president.

Retired GOP campaign operative and activist Claira Monier said Trump has an endearing personality that belies his TV image on the NBC hit show “The Apprentice.”

“He’s authentic; what he says, he believes, and he doesn’t much care whether you agree with him or not,” Monier said.

“That confidence and belief in yourself can go a long way if he did decide to run in 2016.”

Trump lamented that he feels Obama has escaped political accountability from controversies over his two terms, including the tragedy at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, where an ambassador and three others were killed.

“There has never been a person who has a more beautiful coating of Teflon than our president,” Trump said.

“Obamacare” will change that, Trump said, because so many Americans like the health care coverage they have now and the national law is going to change it.

“I have been saying Obamacare is going to die of its own weight,” Trump said. “I do think Obamacare will stick, because it affects them every single day.”

As president, Obama should have canned the Canadian firm that first devised the ill-fated website for the program and made a patriotic call to the U.S. private sector.

“In my opinion, if you went to the head of Google and say, ‘Fellas, do your country a service: Do it for nothing,’ ” Trump said.

National Democrats understand Obamacare is their weak link and will run away from it leading up to the mid-term elections, Trump said.

“I think the Republicans are going to have an election that is going to shock people,” Trump said.

It wouldn’t be a Trump appearance if he didn’t offer his own primer on how to succeed in life and business.

“You have got to love what you do,” Trump said.

Later, Trump said he’d seen very smart businessmen fail because they lost their will.

“Never quit; never give up. Success is right around the corner,” Trump said.

And the other fascination with Trump will always remain that long, comb-over reddish-blonde mane of his.

“It may not look so good, but it is my real hair,” Trump said.

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