BOSTON HERALD: Jindal on Herald Radio: GOP needs to ‘stop pretending’
As originally appearing in The Boston Herald


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who just yesterday grew the field of Republican hopefuls for president to a baker’s dozen by announcing his 2016 candidacy, told Boston Herald Radio this morning the Grand Old Party needs to “stop pretending to be something we’re not.”

“You know, Jeb Bush said you have to be willing to lose the primary to win the general. I think the exact opposite is true. I think we need to embrace our principals, stop pretending to be something we’re not,” Jindal, who is en route to New Hampshire where he has several events today, told Boston Herald Drive hosts John Sapochetti, Adriana Cohen and Tom Shattuck.

“I think this party needs dramatic change. We need to stop this creep toward socialism we’ve seen under President Obama, where they’re turning the American dream into the European nightmare,” said Jindal, 44, adding that he was speaking as a “true conservative.”

Calling in from a plane bound for Boston, Jindal said he stands out as a viable contender from the 12 other Republicans running because his administration “has a proven track record. We’ve reduced the size of our budget 26 percent. We’ve cut over 30,000 government bureaucratic positions in the state of Louisiana. That’s what we need in D.C. We need to reduce the size of government, not just slow its growth rate.

“Secondly, we’re the only ones offering detailed ideas. For example, I’m the only one offering a plan on how you repeal and replace Obamacare. Every Republican talks about it. For most of them, it’s just a one-liner,” he said.

“We’ve also offered plans on school choice, on energy independence, on rebuilding our nation’s defenses … This election will be about substance, not personalities,” he said.

Jindal will be in downtown Manchester this morning and will deliver a speech at a Politics & Eggs event at St. Anselm College this afternoon.

“Hillary Clinton, President Obama, they want to make us more dependent on government, more spending, more debt … That is not the American dream we must leave for children and our grandchildren.”

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