Bloomberg, Murdoch call for overhaul on immigration
As originally appearing in The Boston Herald

By Christine McConville

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To save the American economy, President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney need to demand sweeping changes in national immigration policies, media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last night at Boston’s Seaport Hotel.

“I’d like them to say they’re going to change the whole system,” said Murdoch, News Corp founder.

Foreign students who receive U.S. graduate degrees in engineering, math and sciences “should be given a green card with their diplomas,” he said.

“And as for the so-called illegal Mexicans,” he added, “give them, provided they learn English, a path to citizenship. They’ll pay taxes, they are hardworking people, and why Mitt Romney doesn’t do it, I have no idea, because they’re natural Republicans. They’re Catholics. They’re family people.”

“That’s right,” Bloomberg added. “The Republicans walking away from the Latino community is about as dumb a strategy as any political party has ever adopted.”

The pair’s aggressively pro-immigration stance comes as The Partnership for a New American Economy released its report, Open For Business: How Immigrants Are Driving Small Business Creation In The United States. It says immigrants open twice as many small businesses as native-born Americans.

Immigrants, Bloomberg said, “help our economy grow, put Americans back to work and make sure industries of the future are created here.”

Murdoch said the nation’s immigration policies need to be revamped, and soon, or we’ll lose out economically to other, more immigrant-friendly nations.

“There’s going to be a showdown on this,” he said.

But, Bloomberg added, the nation first needs to reject inflammatory, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“The number of undocumented workers has gone down,” the Gotham mayor said. “People come here to work, not collect unemployment benefits.”

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