COVID-19 Federal Advocacy

Support for Comprehensive Relief and Economic Stimulus

As Congress has considered federal relief and economic stimulus measures related to the ongoing COVID-19 Public Health Crisis, the Council has worked with our members throughout the region and across an array of industries to compile regional priorities and advocate on our members behalf.  The Council send letters to each member of the New England delegation as they considered the third round of relief – what ultimately became the CARES Act – as well as a fourth round of major relief and stimulus legislation.  Read the letters here:

Temporary Liability Relief

On June 23, 2020,  The New England Council wrote to the region’s Senate delegation this week encouraging them to take steps to provide temporary liability relief for businesses and institutions who have followed appropriate public health guidance and requirements amid the pandemic.  The Council weighed in on the issue after hearing from Council members across a range of industries about their concerns about frivolous lawsuits, and stressing the need for protections to ensure that the region’s essential businesses that remained open during the pandemic are not penalized for their service

Regional Infrastructure Priorities

As Congress considers major federal infrastructure investments as a means to reinvigorate the economy in light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, The New England Council sent a letter to each member of the New England Congressional delegation outlining regional infrastructure investment priorities.  The May 5, 2020, letter detailed areas where federal investment would benefit the region and promote economic recovery.

Higher Education Relief

In addition, the Council also wrote a letter to New England Senators specifically highlighting the needs of the region’s Higher Education sector, which has been particularly hard hit but the crisis as colleges and universities have been forced to close their campuses.

The Council will continue to monitor ongoing efforts in Congress to support our nation’s recovery – both health and economic – and will work with our members to ensure their concerns are shared with our region’s leaders on Capitol Hill.  If member s have questions about these efforts or information they would like to share, please contact a member of the Council’s policy staff.

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