Zipcar Rolls Out New Sign Up Option

New England Council member Zipcar is rolling out a new feature to maximize convenience for its members. The company is debuting instant registration, which will allow users to start driving its cars as soon as they register.

Currently, when Zipcar members sign up for the service, they submit their driver’s license and other information, and then the company sends them a “Zipcard” in the mail. That card is used to unlock Zipcars, but usually takes about a week to get to new members. The new service however, will let new users scan their license with their smartphone, and then take and submit a selfie. Using facial recognition software, the company will confirm that the user matches the license. Members will then be able to access cars right away with their phones. The whole process will only take a couple of minutes.

“Today, the model is, if you sign up for Zipcar, on your smartphone or your desktop, you get approved and we mail you a Zipcard, that takes you about seven days,” said Kaye Ceille, the president of Zipcar. “That’s pretty archaic, right?”

Based in Boston, Zipcar offers cars on demand to almost a million members in over 500 cities in towns in North America and Europe. The New England Council congratulates Zipcar on its newest feature.

Read more in The Boston Globe.

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