Verizon Developing Augmented Reality Technology in 5G Lab

New England Council member Verizon is developing a wide variety of augmented reality (AR) programs that superimpose digital data on the physical world. AR is expected to be a larger market than virtual reality (VR), and will become available with the massive bandwidth and reliability of 5G networks.

Known for its role in games like ‘Pokemon Go,’ AR has potential uses in the commercial, automotive, industrial, and health care sectors as well. In its 5G lab, Verizon is designing programs such as Evercoast, which allows a person to use a ‘virtual fitting room’ while trying on various outfits with VR goggles. Another program is Streem, which allows a live technician to help fix a broken appliance via a ‘virtual visit.’ It is estimated that over the next year, more than 100 million customers will use AR or VR while shopping.

Toby Redshaw, Verizon’s Senior VP of Strategy, Innovation, and Product Development, explained, “You’ll see things today that simply aren’t possible without 5G that I think are going to revolutionize a whole series of consumer experiences and how business is operating. It’s going to kind of enable a lot of new functionality – for businesses, for cities, for education, for health care.”

The NEC congratulates Verizon for its work in advancing AR and demonstrating the impressive potential of 5G networks.

Read more from the New York Post.

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