UMass Researcher Honored for Work on Sustainable Technology

Dr. Derek Lovley of NEC member the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst has been awarded the Mahoney Life Science Prize for his work on “green” electronics.

The Mahoney Life Science Prize is awarded to one researcher at UMass who enhances the connection between life science research and industry development. Dr. Lovley’s research focuses on protein nanowires, electronic material made using bacteria. In addition to being biodegradable, the wires contain the potential to be used in a variety of devices, from storage devices to biomedical sensors.  The prize is funded by UMass alumnus Richard Mahoney, former chairman and CEO of Mansanto Company, and his brother, who is also an alumnus.

“We are proud to support the expert research being carried out by UMass researchers through the Mahoney Life Sciences Prize,” said Richard Mahoney. “Dr. Lovley’s research is representative of those efforts, and he leads the state, nation and world in his area of microbiological research. The incredible breakthroughs that happen locally at UMass Amherst continue to place UMass at the forefront of research institutions everywhere.”

The Council commends Dr. Lovley and UMass for their commitment to sustainable solutions to address pressing problems. MassLive reports.

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