Scientific Management Techniques Reports Higher Manufacturing Skill Assessment Scores in 2018

NEC member Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) recently reported an increase in skill assessment scores in 2018. SMT is the global leader in Manufacturing Skill Assessments and Training, and their Hands-On Competency-Based assessment programs evaluate the skill level of the manufacturing workforce in 46 countries.

SMT’s assessment programs can deliver data that aids the hiring pipeline and internal promotion process, and also identifies skill gaps of the incumbent workforce so that SMT can then provide targeted skill training programs. The assessment also streamlines the onboarding process, identifying “aptitude” in individuals that do not have any previous manufacturing experience or training. An individual’s aptitude translates directly into their trainability, which, when taken into account, greatly reduces turnover.

Addressing the increase in scores, SMT’s Founder & Chairman Emeritus Mr. Richard Whouley said, “The current increase in assessment scores is a welcome positive development. Time will tell if we have turned the corner on Manufacturing Skills in the USA or if the magnitude of the problem has simply slowed or stopped growing. For the first three quarters of 2018 assessment scores have increased in thirty-three states.”

The NEC congratulates SMT on this exciting report and commends them on their dedication to developing a stronger workforce in the manufacturing industry.

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