Philips Healthcare to Promote HeartFlow Technology

NEC member Philips Healthcare is partnering with HeartFlow to support new technology that identifies coronary artery disease (CAD) in a more time- and cost-efficient manner.

CAD affects about 16.8 million people in the United States and many patients are forced to decide between medication or an invasive procedure to treat the disease. HeartFlow’s groundbreaking new technology offers patients a less intrusive and more precise option.  HeartFlow’s noninvasive FFRct Analysis has benefited 13,000 patients thus far and can determine the extent of CAD using 3-D computing technology.  Philips will promote HeartFlow’s FFRct Analysis with its own advanced catheters and will work with HeartFlow to continue to evaluate and improve the technology.  Initially, Philips will focus on the domestic market before expanding globally.

“Our commitment is to transform the patient experience and identify pathways that are personalized, high quality and at a lower price point,” said Christopher Barys, Business Leader of Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices. “To address the burden that CAD is placing on healthcare systems and to transform the patient experience, hospitals are focused on adopting new technology that can improve the diagnosis and care of these patients while reducing unnecessary invasive procedures. HeartFlow shares our mission of improving clinical outcomes and, through collaboration, we can advance our goal of helping healthcare providers decide, guide, treat and confirm the right therapy at the point of care.”

The New England Council commends Philips’ commitment to bringing efficient and potentially life-saving technology to the forefront of the medical community.  Read more in FierceBiotech and in Philips’ press release.

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