Ocean Spray Cranberries Verified as Sustainably Grown

NEC member Ocean Spray’s cranberry crop has been officially verified as sustainably grown.  The Ocean Spray cooperative represents about 65 percent of the cranberry growers in Massachusetts.

Ocean Spray received the recognition from the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform, a nonprofit that awards the status to farms that focus on protecting and improving both the environment they operate in and the conditions of their farmers and communities. The certification comes as the cooperative announced a partnership with National Geographic focused on slowing climate change and promoting sustainable agriculture.

“SAI validated Ocean Spray’s sustainable agriculture program and on-farm practices at a representative number of its farmer-owners’ farms against the FSA’s [Farm Service Agency] 112 questions, which measure farm sustainability holistically from soil health, to water conservation practices, to health and safety of farm workers and local communities,” Ocean Spray said.

The Council congratulates Ocean Spray on its achievements in sustainability in the agriculture industry. The Boston Business Journal has more.

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