Novo Nordisk and CVS Health Strike Deal To Offer Discounted $25 Insulin

NEC members Novo Nordisk and CVS Health recently partnered to provide vials of insulin for $25, almost $100 less than the list price of the drug.

The partnership is part of Novo Nordisk’s broader efforts and pledge to keep the out-of-pocket costs for consumers low. The company announced last December that it will limit drug price increases to only single-digit percent price increases in the future. The discount insulins Novo Nordisk will provide through the deal include Novolin R, Novolin N, and Novolin 70/30, which are all human insulins. In the insulins provided through the partnership, manufacturers use recombinant DNA to create human insulin, which is then prescribed primarily to diabetic patients.

“We’re committed to developing sustainable solutions with customers and will continue to pursue opportunities to ensure that patients have access to insulin that is affordable,” said Senior VP and Head of North America operations, Doug Langa.

The New England Council thanks Novo Nordisk and CVS Health for their commitment to keeping the cost of prescription drugs low for New England consumers. Read more in Business Insider and the Novo Nordisk press release.

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