Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics Unveils Latest Advancements in LUKE Arm Prosthesis

NEC member Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics unveiled its latest version of the LUKE Arm at a recent press conference at their offices. This LUKE Arm is a prosthetic attachment that is integrated into a person’s anatomy through a rod that is directly connected to the bone.

This technology, which combines the LUKE Arm with post-targeted muscle reinnervation, is the first of its kind. With this development, the subject can control the arm using muscle movements that remain in the limb. The first person to receive this latest iteration of the arm, Junius Moore from North Carolina, had to first receive Osseo-integration surgery in Australia (it is not yet approved in the US) to insert a rod into his bone. Next Step was then tasked with developing the docking system between the end of Moore’s stump and the LUKE Arm. The work resulted in a comprehensive system that was easy for Moore to click in and out of.

Dean Kamen, an engineer from Bedford, NH, who founded the LUKE Arm, said, “This is proof that at the intersection of medicine, engineering, policy, regulatory, you can really make great things happen.”

The NEC congratulates Next Step on this groundbreaking development and thanks them for their sustained commitment to providing individualized care to amputees.

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