New Member Spotlight: Smarter Fuel Future

Smarter Fuel Future is an advocacy coalition group that focuses on fixing the Renewable Fuel Standard in order to support the interests of consumers and environmental resources. The Renewable Fuel Standard is the ethanol mandate that was passed by Congress in 2005.

Smarter Fuel Future states, “America’s ethanol mandates have turned vast amounts of conservation lands—a collective area larger than the Yellowstone, Everglades and Yosemite national parks combined—into monoculture cropland intended for ethanol production. This massive land conversion displaces wildlife, depletes the soil of nutrients, reduces biodiversity, pollutes American waterways and increases greenhouse gas emissions.” Because of these discrepancies between the intent and function of the law, Smarter Fuel Future works with members of Congress and advocates for new legislation that would address the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Smarter Fuel Future partners with a variety of groups including: consumer & taxpayer advocates, environmentalists & conservationists, oil refiners, food producers, and anti-hunger activists.

The New England council welcomes Smarter Fuel Future and looks forward to their active participation on our Energy and Environment Committee.

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