New Balance Reveals RunIQ Smartwatch

New Balance, a NEC member, revealed the company’s first wearable fitness device, the RunIQ, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

RunIQ is a smartwatch advertised as a tool for serious athletes to record and analyze every aspect of their workouts to ultimately improve their performance. RunIQ can communicate with a smartphone using Bluetooth, but also has a built-in GPS capable of monitoring a user’s speed and location without needing a smartphone on them during their runs. To pair with RunIQ, New Balance announced the rollout of PaceIQ , a Bluetooth headset that can give real-time audio readouts of data from the watch, such as user speed and heartrate.

“In order to be an innovative company for athletes, we realized we need technology-driven solutions,” said New Balance Executive Vice President Chris Ladd.

According to Ladd, RunIQ is only the beginning of New Balance’s entry into wearable fitness devices. New Balance plans to release a smart shirt, smart sports bra, and smart shoe in the future. The New England Council congratulates New Balance on their latest product launch. Read more in The Boston Globe and Engadget.

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