NEC Urges Congress to Enact Temporary Liability Relief

As Congress considers additional measures to provide relief and stimulate economic recovery in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, The New England Council wrote to the region’s Congressional delegation encouraging them to take steps to provide temporary liability relief for businesses and institutions who have followed appropriate public health guidance and requirements.  The Council wrote first to the region’s Senators in June, and later, to the region’s House delegation in July.



As noted in the letter, the Council in recent weeks has heard from members across a range of industries about their concerns about frivolous lawsuits, and stressing the need for protections to ensure that the region’s essential businesses that remained open during the pandemic are not penalized for their service.  At the same time, as more businesses gradually reopen, the Council urged Senators to provide a safe harbor for businesses following public health guidance and taking reasonable precautions during this unprecedented time.

Throughout the COVID-19 public health crisis, the Council as worked with members throughout the region to identify key concerns and communicate policy priorities to the region’s delegation as they consider legislation to combat the pandemic and support economic recovery.  Visit the COVID-19 Federal Advocacy page for more detail on recent efforts.  For more information on the Council’s support for temporary reliability relief, please contact Griffin Doherty.

Visit the Op-Eds page to read our CEO’s recent opinion pieces on this issue.

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