MIT Media Lab Hosts Virtual Reality Hackathon

MIT, an NEC member, successfully hosted its Reality Virtually Hackathon, where participants worked over four days to build functional software for virtual reality headsets. With nearly 450 participants, the Hackathon revealed the many potential uses of virtual reality technology in the future.

The many possible uses of virtual reality were on full display at the event. One team developed a headset made by another NEC member, Microsoft, that would allow the user to increase the distance that they can see clearly. Another team integrated a physical therapy routine with a virtual game. Educational programing was also on display, as one team demonstrated a program that allows a user to point to objects and hear the German word for them.

Explaining why events like this are so critical, one of the participants, Northeastern University professor David Tamés, commented, “The hardware development is way ahead of where the storytelling and the applications and the content are. People are pouring huge amounts of money into the hardware, and nobody is really making the big investments in the software.”

The New England Council applauds the groundbreaking work that MIT is promoting through this event, and for expanding the boundaries of what this technology can contribute to society.

Read more from the Boston Globe.

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