Microsoft Partners with United Nations to Fight Human Rights Abuses

NEC member Microsoft recently announced a partnership with the United Nations to track and fight human rights abuses worldwide.

Microsoft will provide $5 million to the United Nations Human Rights Office to develop technology to predict, track, and fight human rights abuses across the globe. The grant will fund projects like the “Rights View,” which is a tool that allows the UN Human Rights Office track potential human rights abuses and identify early warning signs through big data and cloud computing technology. In addition to the grant, Microsoft will help the UN recruit other private companies to collaborate with the intergovernmental organization and promote the “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights” outlined by the UN to reduce human rights abuses by private companies doing business internationally

“As a global company that sees the problems of the world, we believe that we have a responsibility to help solve them. We have an untapped opportunity to use the power of technology to collect data, analyze that data and equip the United Nations to advance human rights around the world,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith.

The New England Council thanks Microsoft for providing the funding and support to the UN to tackle such an important and pressing problem across the globe. Read more in Engadget and GeekWire.

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