Harvard Pilgrim Begins Offering Unlimited Vacation Days

NEC member Harvard Pilgrim Health Care recently announced it will offer unlimited vacation time to full-time employees.

Harvard Pilgrim’s management hopes the change will boost morale, provide greater flexibility for the 1,000 current workers the policy now applies to, and ultimately attract talented new employees.  The move makes Harvard Pilgrim the first health insurance company in New England to offer unlimited vacation time, a trend that started in the tech startup industry but is becoming more common.

“People have changed the way they work. We don’t track if someone is working after their kids go to sleep or on the weekend, so why are we tracking their hours of vacation?” said Cynthia Ring, Head of Human Resources.

The New England Council commends Harvard Pilgrim for adopting this new policy that gives more flexibility to Harvard Pilgrim employees in New England. Read more in The Boston Globe and The Hour.

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