Harvard Divinity School Acquires Pentecostal Collection

Scholars at NEC Member Harvard University’s Divinity School recently acquired a vast collection of Pentecostal archives from a prominent televangelist preacher.

Bishop Carlton Pearson was an iconic African-American televangelist in the 1990s, who in 2004 left Pentecostalism after being cast as a heretic by other Pentecostal preachers. Since then, his archive of photos, notes, financial records, and video footage from his TV show lay dormant in a storage locker.

Now, the collection has been acquired by the Andover-Harvard Theological Library at Harvard Divinity School, where it will be digitized over the next two years. The acquisition will provide an unprecedented look into Pentecostalism and Televangelism. The collection will help diversify the Library’s existing collections, as well as give Pentecostalism academic and scholarly attention it hasn’t received before.

The New England Council looks forward to Harvard’s research and study on the collection.

Read more in The Boston Globe.

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