Gillette Introduces New Razor

P&G Gillette, a NEC member, announced the introduction of a revolutionary razor designed for those who need help shaving.

Approximately 8 million Americans require assistance when shaving and Gillette’s new razor, the Gillette Treo, aims to make it easier for those who work in assisted living facilities or who help their family members shave. The razor is gel-dispensing and has divots and blades specially designed for a smooth shave by a caregiver. The Treo is currently in trials and customers are able to request a product sample online.

“When we spoke with our partners like (the American Society of Aging), we learned that the primary goal of family members and professional caregivers alike is to help maintain a sense of normalcy and to support lost functions – like the ability to shave oneself,” said Melissa Monich, P&G’s vice president of research & development for the global grooming division. “We were struck by how important these day-to-day activities are in supporting the dignity, pride and morale of those who need assistance. This made us even more compelled to use our expertise to develop a more comfortable and safer experience – and that is what continues to inspire us on this Treo journey.”

The New England Council commends Gillette’s innovation and commitment to developing products to meet the needs of all members of our community. Read more in the Boston Business Journal.

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