GE Aviation to Produce Next Generation of Helicopter Engines in Hooksett

NEC member General Electric (GE) has been awarded a contract to produce the next generation of helicopter engines at its Aviation facility in Hooksett, NH. With the contract worth $517 million, officials are optimistic about the future of the plant that employs 900 people.

This announcement comes as the result of a multi-year design, testing, and application process to replace the T700 engine, a GE model that has been used to power helicopters since the 1970s. Today, the Hooksett plant is one of GE’s largest suppliers of bladed disks, a piece that is used in compressors of the company’s jet and helicopter engines. Under the Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program, GE could be building and servicing the new engines for years to come.

GE Aviation spokesman Nick Hurm explained, “Our sites like Hooksett are great at what they do. Using engineering and supply chain together to really bring forward the best product that we can. . . The T700, we’ve been producing for about 46 years, and this gives us the opportunity for the next contract. We could keep building and servicing the T901 engine for decades. That’s where it really has its biggest impact for the Hooksett site.”

The NEC congratulates GE on this achievement, and for its endeavor to make Hooksett central in the next generation of helicopter technology.

Read more in the Union Leader.

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