EMC Sponsors South Pole Expedition to Gain Climate Data

NEC member EMC Corporation is sponsoring Yale University student Parker Liautaud’s Antarctic expedition to gather environmental data, test new weather systems, and be the youngest person to walk unsupported from Coast-to-Pole. EMC was inspired to support the 19-year-old geology and geophysic’s major’s endeavor out of their mutual commitment and passion for gathering data that can be used to inform ideas and actions.

In announcing the sponsorship, EMC expressed the company’s belief that Liautaud’s expedition will inspire conversations about climate change and the effects human action is having on the planet.  He will travel 397 miles in temperatures ranging from -18 to -76 degrees Fahrenheit for twelve hours a day to achieve his goals.  Liautaud will gather ice and snow samples that will be analyzed for patterns and then used to produce data able to show how the samples have changed over time. EMC will use Liautaud’s data to highlight the role that data and data analytics plays in helping people understand complex systems, such as the earth’s climate. Big Data helps to reveal patterns and causal linkages that are too complicated for people alone to detect and understand.

On her blog, EMC Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Kathrin Winkler writes, “I have to think we were inspired by the cultural fit. Parker clearly believes in the power of the individual to make change. He is courageous, energetic, smart, and passionate. And maybe just a teeny bit crazy. In short, he reminds us of ourselves at EMC.”

Liautaud’s Antarctic adventure is sure to provide new insights and understanding into how the climate is changing and how Big Data can help answer that question. The New England Council applauds EMC Corporation for its commitment to tackling pressing global issues and commends them for sponsoring a young person hoping to make a difference.


Read more in Kathrin Winkler’s blog post.

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