Covidien Acquires Medical Tech Company

Global medical device manufacturer Covidien, and NEC member, is expanding into the  multibillion dollar gastrointestinal device market through the recent acquisition of Given Imaging, an Israel-based medical tech company

Given Imaging manufactures the PillCam,  a swallowed optical endoscopy device that allows physicians to examine the small intestine to monitor and detect abnormalities in a patients digestive system in a minimally invasive way. The PillCam can be used to detect  a variety of diseases and ailments, including lesions, gastrointestinal bleeding, Crohn’s disease and iron deficiency anemia.The PillCam does not require a patient to be sedated during this examination.

“We are committed to providing clinicians with more accurate and efficient diagnostic technologies to help achieve better outcomes for patients,” said Bryan Hanson, President of medical devices and U.S. President of Covidien.

This new acquisition could potentially add anywhere from $40 and $50 million in quarterly revenue for Covidien. The New England Council congratulates Covidien on their new acquisition and their dedication to improving healthcare through technology.


Read more in the Providence Business News or in Covidien’s press release

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