Burson-Marsteller Commits to “Being More”

NEC member Burson-Marsteller is modernizing its brand and services under the banner of its new initiative: “Committed to Being More.” The public relations giant is repositioning itself to leverage the latest developments in social media, consumer science, and brand management strategies to maximize value for the clients they proudly serve. In its 60 years of existence, the agency has been on the cutting edge of the industry driven by its creative energy and ambition that has led it to be the fifth largest public relations agency worldwide.

Being more means many things. To Burson-Marsteller it means being masters in their field while bravely moving through the unknown to what lies ahead, resisting the temptation to rest on its laurels. Specifically, this includes starting a new series called Burson-Marsteller Conversations that will bring together thought leaders to advance new ideas, forming a worldwide strategic leadership team, creating a “reverse mentoring” program where the young will teach their more experienced colleagues about social media and in return receive invaluable insight from their experience, and many other initiatives that will modernize the company and the brand.

“We’re using ‘Being More’ as a catalyst for what we do, modernizing what we’re all about,” said Donald A. Baer, worldwide chairman and chief executive at Burson-Marsteller, who is based in the Washington office. “It’s intended to energize and push us forward.” The agency, just like the consumer landscape around it, is changing to keep up with the latest technological and societal trends. Mr. Harold Burson, one of the agency’s founders, said: “The people in this business have known for generations that the most effective communication is word of mouth. I see word of mouth as the basis of today’s social media. The fact you can multiply word of mouth by thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, has made social media a very potent tool.”

Throughout the agency, the employees and executives at Burson-Marsteller strive to be proactive, to identify and leverage trends, and to advance the interests and messages of their clients in any way they can. It strives to create content that is more than just a message. Its content communicates ideas. Ideas inspired by the commitment to being more. The New England Council applauds Burson-Marsteller for its commitment to innovation and consumer value and congratulates them for their 60 years of providing excellent client services.



Read more in the New York Times.

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