Brown University Awarded Diabetes Research Funding

Last week NEC member Brown University’s biochemistry researcher Dr. Wolfgang Peti was awarded a $1.625 million, five year “Accelerator New to Diabetes Award” by the American Diabetes Association as part of their Pathway to Stop Diabetes initiative.

Funding from this award will further Dr. Peti’s diabetes research project. Though diabetes research has not been his focus in the past,Dr.  Peti’s decades of research in behavior of proteins associated with insulin signaling and their atomic structure has given him a profound expertise needed to study diabetes. Dr. Peti is motivated by his personal connection to the disease, as his grandmother struggled with it for decades. Over twenty six million adults and children suffer from diabetes in the United States and Dr. Peti’s research targets how the body can make insulin but uses it so poorly. His research aims to transform the lives of those affected by the disease.

“The easiest thing would be if you have type 2 diabetes instead of injecting insulin, you’d just take a tablet,” he says. “If you can control the insulin-signaling pathway with a drug that would make your life much easier.”

If his research is successful, Dr. Peti will be developing medicine that will make it no longer necessary for people with diabetes to take insulin injections, radically changing the lives of those living with diabetes. The New England Council congratulates Brown University and Dr. Wolfgang Peti on their commitment to medical research.

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