Brigham and Women’s Debuts Brain Aneurysm Treatment

Doctors at NEC member Brigham and Women’s Hospital recently began clinical trials for a new brain aneurysm treatment. Doctors are hopeful that it could help combat the affliction, which affects up to five percent of the population.

A brain aneurysm is a weakness in a blood vessel in the brain. It can balloon and fill with blood, possibly causing a rupture in the blood vessel, which can lead to a stroke. Many brain aneurysms go undetected.  For those patients who are diagnosed with an aneurysm, the most common treatment is open brain surgery. Brigham and Women’s can now offer patients a less invasive treatment as part of the ongoing clinical trial. This surgery requires doctors to make an incision in an artery in the groin and then feed a web device, a spherical mesh structure, into the brain. The mesh goes inside and clots the aneurysm, while allowing continued blood flow to surrounding vessels. Before conducting the procedure, doctors can practice in a 3D printed model of the patient’s brain, one of the many ways Brigham and Women’s has been able to take advantage of innovative new technologies.

“It’s important to continually push the frontiers of the field in order to make things safer and better and faster for our patients,” said Dr. Ali Aziz-Sultan, a Brigham and Women’s neurosurgeon who has conducted the surgery, in a recent CBS Boston news story.

The New England Council applauds Brigham and Women’s Hospital for its dedication to providing patients with more options when facing serious diagnoses.

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