Boeing’s Self-Driving Air Taxi Successfully Completes Test Flight

New England Council member The Boeing Company has announced that its self-driving air taxi successfully took off, hovered, and landed during a test flight. This achievement is only the latest part of an endeavor to eventually introduce self-piloting air vehicles.

The test was conducted by NeXt, a Boeing division which aims to introduce self-piloting air vehicles. This breakthrough would have many implications, but the stated goal of the project is to relieve traffic in congested cities. The vehicle has a wingspan of 28 feet and is able to hover or fly forward for up to 50 miles.

Steve Nordlund, vice president and general manager of Boeing NeXt, commented, “Boeing was there when the aviation industry was born and in our second century, we will unlock the potential of the urban air mobility market. From building air vehicles to airspace integration, we will usher in a future of safe, low-stress mobility in cities and regions around the world.”

The Council congratulates The Boeing Company for this remarkable achievement, and for its original and innovative approach in addressing important issues of the day.

Read more from the Washington Post.

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