Boeing 747 Remains Plane of Choice for UPS

NEC member Boeing has recently delivered it’s 25th 747 to the United Parcel Service (UPS), also a Council member. As the 747 program begins to end, UPS is the most prominent carrier still utilizing the aircraft, likely for many years to come.

Roughly 11% of the UPS fleet consists of Boeing 747s, and the aircraft will continue to be an integral part of UPS due to the longevity of the aircraft. The average Boeing 747 can remain in rotation for over 20 years. The long range and high cargo capacity make the 747 a highly versatile aircraft, as well as the largest cargo aircraft in the UPS fleet. This makes the Boeing 747’s some of the most important aircraft in keeping cargo moving across the world. There are currently 14 747’s still in production, eleven of which will be delivered to the UPS before production of the aircraft ends.

The New England Council congratulates Boeing and UPS on this ongoing partnership to serve customers and ensure the efficient delivery of cargo. Read more from Simple Flying.

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