Beth Israel and Blue Cross Blue Shield Embrace Home Care Program

NEC members Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts were the subject of a recent Boston Globe article exploring innovative new home health care programs. The at-home programs help lower costs and save patients from the hassle and dangers of hospital visits.

The healthcare providers are able to offer the program through alternative contracts. Instead of being paid to perform tests and surgeries, doctors and hospitals are paid based on measures like low readmission rates and improved patient blood pressure. This incentivizes them to keep patients healthy through preventative and home-based care. Health systems have responded by forming teams of doctors, social workers, and other health professionals to visit patients at home. While on these home visits, the health professional can check a patient’s vitals and make adjustments to ensure a healthy recovery. They can also perform other tasks to help the patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as arranging for house cleaners and figuring out ways to pay for medication.

“She’s so good, I’m so lucky she comes,” said one Beth Israel customer of the nurse who visits her at least once a month.

The New England Council applauds its members for their work helping patients stay healthy and comfortable in their own homes.

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