BAE Systems Wins Mine Neutralizer Contract with US Navy

NEC member BAE Systems has been awarded its fourth consecutive US Navy contract for mine neutralization since 2003. The contract is for Archerfish, a remote-controlled underwater mine neutralizer that can be operated from a variety of naval platforms and clear mines without risking human lives.

The contract will continue the Archerfish program and allow for training exercises with the system to take place until 2027. The contract will also include material support for Archerfish parts and supplies. BAE Systems is also developing innovative ways to reuse the system, allowing for longer service life.

“This contract builds on our strong partnership with the US Navy which has seen BAE Systems supporting its minesweeping operations for almost two decades. Archerfish not only helps to keep sailors safer, it also reduces the number and cost of mine clearance missions,” said Dr Brooke Hoskins, Director of Products and Training Services for BAE Systems’ Maritime Services business. “Its world-leading capability and outstanding service with the US Navy makes Archerfish a highly attractive proposition to other major naval forces around the world.”

The New England Council congratulates BAE Systems for this significant contract and for their ongoing work to keep members of our armed services safe from dangerous mines.. Read more from the BAE Systems press release.

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