BAE Systems Announces Scholarship for STEM Students

BAE Systems, a Council member, has announced that it will be granting scholarships to students who intend to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). These scholarships will be awarded to eight students, totaling $40,000, and will be accompanied by a three-month paid summer internship.

These scholarships will be awarded each year to high school students who have participated on a FIRST Robotics Competition or FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been sponsored by BAE’s Electronic Systems sector over the past two years. The funds will be broken into yearly increments so that the students receive an award for each of the four years of an undergraduate program.

Lisa Aucoin, Vice President of Engineering at BAE, explained, “Our involvement with FIRST Robotics enables us to recruit high-potential students that pursue STEM degrees and careers. The scholarship program allows us to invest in these students, not only monetarily, but also through the internship experience, creating a vital talent pipeline for our business.”

The NEC applauds the combination of financial support and hands on training that BAE is offering to the next generation of engineers.

Read more from the New Hampshire Business Review.

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